"Her imagination sparked it all... now we're going to elevate it."

This marked the true beginning of ZDDL, a brand named after founder Angelina Lanae's two children Zy'Aire Dwayne Damar Loyal and Za'Nyra Dakota Deone Loyal and had been gaining momentum ever since.


Growing up watching her mother set her sights on future goals and personal expression through several different avenues like painting, hair styling, diy projects and home decor, Za'Nyra was able to see, she too could bring something to the world. At 7 years old she was given her first glue gun as well as crafting supplies and was ready to bring to life all the wonderful ideas she envisioned.


Wix Designer Tools

Among the many things created one stood apart, it was something that would set everything in motion, the very first handbag. This moment of destiny was the game changer for Za'Nyra's mother, Angelina. She looked at the handbag and through it a message shone. Determined to find a way to share it with the world a master piece began, woven together by the principles of connection, expression, passion, truth and the future of un-manifested ideas for all of mankind, ZDDL!

In the spirit of the ZDDL's 'Shine.Light.Love.' vision, Angelina has chosen to share footage and moments along the way as an inspiration to others to move with purpose in their lives and to create dreams and impact the world around them.

Sending Light to Everyone. PEACE!!

                                                                                                                               ANGELINA.LANAE :)